• Safe Metal-Plastic Joints
    The human body is extremely sensitive to infections. Therefore, extreme caution must be taken when producing medical devices and implants. RadiSurf’s adhesion technologies enable the strong joining of metals and plastics in an absolutely clean and safe way. RadiSurf’s method of attaching plastics through polymer brushes ensures that the adhesive interfaces are nanometer-thin and chemically stable. These ultra-thin adhesive interfaces created prevent contaminants from entering the metal-plastic joints, making them highly suitable for use in / in contact with the human body. This is essential for medico industries. 
  • Joining Innovative Types of Materials
    Joining biosafe plastics and metals has traditionally been a challenging task. RadiSurf’s innovative adhesive technologies open pathways to join new plastics and metals. Therefore, new medical devices and implants can be designed and created, without worrying about the choice of materials. 
  • Safe, Clean, and Stable
    RadiSurf’s primers are inherently safe, clean, and stable – they do not release any materials over time, which could have detrimental effects on the body. They are superior alternatives to traditional adhesives and primers that may contain harmful additives or leak over time.
  • Examples of Applications
    RadiSurf’s adhesive technologies allow for joining of biosafe material combinations, which traditionally are hard to assemble:
    • RadiSurf’s molecular adhesive technology is the perfect solution for medical applications where strong and clean silicon-metal bonding is required. Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is widely used in the medico industry due to its biocompatibility. However, available primers and adhesives are unsuitable for metals, and LSR bondings are generally weak. Though biocompatible, platinum-based and peroxide-based curing systems used for LSR-metal bonding allow a limited range of bonding combinations.RadiSurf’s molecular adhesive technology binds silicone directly to metal, resulting in superior strength and stability.
    • Binding PMMA to Titanium is immensely useful for implants, dental, and other medico applications. However, adhering PMMA to metal and other hard surfaces is a challenging task. With the RadiSurf PMMA Adhesion system, PMMA can now be directly joined to even smooth metals. Chemically stable, clean, and ultra-thin, this adhesive system is highly suited for this specialized industry.