• Strong Assembly Tolerates Rough Environments
    Plastic and metal assemblies used in offshore / oil and gas applications must often withstand harsh, corrosive saltwater environments. RadiSurf’s adhesion technology binds metals and plastics at a molecular level. This innovative method ensures powerful, enduring adhesion, which is perfect for offshore / oil and gas industries. We have strong bonding solutions for chemical resistant thermoplastic materials widely used in oil and gas, such as bonding of PVDF to stainless steel types.
  • Binding of Protective Coatings
    RadiSurf’s nano-bonding technology can be used for applying protective coatings and anti-fouling coating e.g. on ships, which prevents the growth of marine organisms. RadiSurf’s adhesive solutions enable these coatings to last longer. A widely used coating, where adhesion is traditionally extremely difficult to obtain is PEEK coatings. Our solution for bonding PEEK to metal provides extremely strong adhesion of this high-end polymer coating.
  • Nano-Adhesive Technology
    Adhesive interfaces created by RadiSurf are only 30-100 nanometer in thickness. These ultra-thin joints are effectively watertight, and this prevents the growth of biofilm, etc. The high chemical and thermal stability of the adhesive interfaces makes RadiSurf’s adhesion solution perfect for offshore / oil and gas applications.